Factory Five Racing has developed the best chassis and body, in a quality that you may expect from the leading company in the World of kit cars!

Their chassis has proven itself many times on racetracks all over the world, and very soon will be visible on the Dutch race tracks as well!

Hammink Performance is the proud distributor of Factory Five for Europe, and to match the best with the best we also supply all possible engine/transmission combo’s, wheels and tires, etc.

Photo f.l.t.r:
Jason Lavigne, Jan Hammink, Freek Hammink and Dave Smith.
Jason is responsible for the technical support and sales at Factory Five Racing and Dave is President and owner.



Gen2. Type '65 Coupe

Roadster MK4

Challenge Car

Factory Five 818S
Factory Five 818R
'33 Hot Rod
Gen2. GTM Supercar
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