This is a realy nice package for your roadster!
The 412hp modular Coyote engine with it's 32 valves and valve timing will get your roadster up to speed quickly
with an engine roar so nice you would want to play with it all day long.
The 600hp rated transmission will get you thru the gears fast and even has the ability to handle more power, incase you would
want to upgrade your engine!

Our kit comes complete with engine harness and controls, clutch/flywheel and bellhousing.
We have also added the headers which accomodate the roadster side pipes.
(you need to swap the flange of the headers that come with the coyote engine)
This package contains:

5.0L Coyote engine (32V modular aluminum) v8
Coyote controls kit (ECM, engine harness etc.)
Oil filter relocator
Oil filter adapter
Oil filter
Alternator kit
Mini starter kit
Clutch bolt kit
Centerforce clutch kit  (11")
Quicktime bellhousing
Coyote flywheel
Clutch fork kit
TKO500 or 600 transmission
Shorty headers


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